The Stainless Steel Materials

Stainless steel is one of the most durable and beautiful metals used in architectural design and custom fabrication.  It is the common chromium/nickel alloy steel used in thousands of products from Steel Iron. A protective chromium oxide film forms on its surface which gives stainless its superior corrosion-resistant property. When properly maintained, stainless provides excellent luster, strength, and durability. In addition, in most applications, stainless will not rust or stain even after many years of service. However, stainless steel is not, stain, or rust proof. When used in contact with chloride salts, sulfides or other rusting metals, stainless will discolor, rust, or even corrode. Proper care and maintenance of stainless in the marine environments, polluted surroundings, salted highways, or other situations where stainless may be exposed to corrosive elements will help keep your stainless products beautiful and functional for years to come. 


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